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License key issues

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Just testing a few things out on my live site:

1) Unable to sign in to Marketplace via ACP

Clicked the "Sign in to Marketplace" button, selected my account and then...

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"There was an error authenticating with the Marketplace. Please try again later or contact technical support for assistance.

The license key is not recognised. (invalid_request)"


2) Unable to update license key

As an investigation into that above, I decided to see if my license key has changed as a result of the recent acceptance of the new terms.

License key is the same - if I do a "Refresh license data" all appears well. But if I decide to ensure that the correct license key is used, via the 'Change license key' button then I receive the following (key removed from dialog prior to screenshot taken:

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I got installation done no problems. Im having problems with connecting to marketplace see attached grab..

I also was trying to set up a localhost test server and added "-TESTINSTALL" to the end of my license to install and get an invalid license error try again. 

Help appreciated... 




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