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When I download a file from Downloads that is stored on S3, the url that opens has the S3 bucket name as the url instead of my usual cdn domain name. I don’t recall seeing this before. Is it a bug?

Sanitised example, downloading a PDF, the download works fine:


Should begin as 

https://cdn.example.com/monthly blah...

As configured in the AdminCP File Storage settings:

Could contain: Cd Player, Electronics, Text

My Cloudflare rules won’t be honoured because the URL isn’t starting with my cdn.domain name.

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Hi @Marc Stridgen

It's more evident with a PDF download because the S3 URL shows inside the browser's address bar when viewing the PDF, but they are not public files. However, if you go to this guest-friendly example when you download the actual .zip file, you can get the final download link which begins with:



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