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[4.7.11] Downloads app: Respondig to reviews without downloading is not possible

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I found an issue regarding author responses to reviews in the downloads app:

  1. Create a downloads category where reviews are allowed, but only after a file actually has been downloaded.
  2. Upload a file in said category. Do NOT download it for yourself! (This is the usualy scenario, because the author of a file already has the file, so there will be not need to download it.)
  3. Log in as another user, download the file and leave a review.
  4. Now log in again as the file's author and try to respond to that review (again: WITHOUT downloading the file in the first place).

Current behavior:

You are allowed to write an author's response. However when you try to submit the response, nothing happens (no error message and the response will not be added to the review).

Expected behavior:

The author should always be able to respond to a review, no matter if he has downloaded the file or not.

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