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  1. Switched to php 8.1, then I was able to upgrade from the support page. It failed to extract the files by itself, but did provide a handy zip file for me to upload myself, and then completed the upgrade. Is there a certain apache module I have to enable to allow for the auto extraction of files by the upgrader?
  2. This is the more specific error message: 1C287/4 You are already running the latest version.
  3. I haven't tried a manual upgrade yet. I'd like to figure out why it thinks there is nothing to upgrade first - once I start overwriting files with a ftp client, I'm fully committed and down until I work it out, that is not the preferred way to go.
  4. Hi, When I do that, I get this message: There are no applications available to upgrade
  5. Every day for the past few days, I get a notification that 4.7.17 is available. I go the upgrade page, then it tells me I already have the latest version installed - 4.7.16. The first time I did this, I went to the first page of the upgrader, and stopped what I was doing to make some backups and disable some apache modules that I thought might cause issues. This cleared the notification on the forum page, and I could not find a way to restart the upgrade. 24 hours later, the notification reappears, and I tried to upgrade again. I get a error that I am already on the latest version.
  6. I have found that respond to review does not work at all, regardless. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Marc, You see that entry on the 24th. When is the next entry in the same series? There should be another instance of the same event on the 31st.
  8. We don't use a CDN, I don't see any cache set up on the web server.
  9. Not sure why you don't see it but others in the UK and Australia do. How does the events page determine the end users time zone? Why does the first instance of the event work correctly, but repeat instances do not?
  10. The second to last post in the thread has a screenshot. The entry for TGIF battle first shows up on sat the 24th for this user. That is correct. The next entry for that same repeating event shows up on friday the 30th, it should also be saturday. I can figure out how to dump out this row of the db if you can tell me what table its in. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/16560-event-date-times-conversion-issues
  11. OK - I spoke too soon. When I create a new repeating event, the first instance of that event shows correctly. It's set to repeat every 7 days, and all the follow on events show up on the wrong day for users in later time zones. Hopefully that is specific enough to be useful!
  12. Hi, I created a new entry, and now the time is right, even when the event falls on a different day due to time zone differenced. This can be closed. Thanks!
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