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Bug 4.7.11 Commerce Subscriptions incorrect

The Old Man
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I was looking at the Subscriptions options in Commerce and noticed they seem to be incorrectly calculating renewals.

E.g. Set up a subscription of $10 for 6 months with renewal the same price equating to $20 for a year…

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So that should be $20 per year, but if you save and then click on the +Add Member option…

  • it shows renewals as going to be either free forever or free for the first 6 months and $10 the next 6 months ($10 a year).
  • Also there is a typo, the number of months is displayed twice, but only if you select months, not years…

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Whether it’s messed up if you went live, I don’t know.

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  • Solution

This is a feature for 'gifting' a subscription, which is why it's always free for the first term (at least), so this looks like it's working as intended. If you want someone to pay for a Subscription, create an invoice for them instead, adding the subscription product.

We can fix that double month though.

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Ah, right, thanks I didn’t realise that + button was for that, on my iPad at the moment.

Where is the option to show a subscription when registering? (So a new member must purchase a subscription). I thought it was on the registration/log in AdminCP settings page. I saw the option for setting a product of a certain value must be purchased, but it says configure up via the products page, not subscriptions. Thanks.

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