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Membership renewal snafu. (self inflicted wound?)

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We have about 4k members who paid. 

About 1100 of those were purchased less than a year ago. 

It looks like Renewals was left off or subsequently turned off.  So I think that was done because it assumed it would auto renew and charge people.   Not sure what happened exactly. 

Everyone is still in the Member user group.

Will activating Renew and setting parameters in there trigger something to revert them to the previous group? 

It will generate invoices, not auto charge them...

Anything I am not asking? 




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Back up now.  Probably too many requests.  

Not sure what it did. 

It didn't move anyone whose purchase would have expired already. 

Is there any way to do that? 



Did I just set everyone who bought a membership even more than 2 years ago to extend them to another year?

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