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Installing from scratch, GD PHP extension required?

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I have not been able to upgrade my IP, issues going from php 7.4 to 8.1. So I'm starting from scratch to see if I can resolve those issues first, then see if I can upgrade or if I'll just have to manually move everything over. Starting from scratch, I get the following error:

Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage

If I check my PHP Extensions it shows gd is selected:

Could contain: Page, Text, Number, Symbol

When I submitted a ticket to my host they said it is enabled already. 

Could contain: Page, Text

I am not sure what I'm missing or how to proceed from here now. 

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7 minutes ago, Shadow Wolf said:

It is not hosted here, it is on my own server host, whom they are saying it is installed, to which they referred me to the 2nd screenshot which shows GD checked.

You will need to contact your hosting provider again. Unfortunately, that is just showing it enabled. The GD module would show up in the phpInfo (last screenshot) further down the page. The “enabled” section is just you telling PHP to use GD. It isn’t stating the module is running itself.

Our compatibility script simply uses PHP functions that are built in to test if these modules are loaded. If that is tripping, as seen, the GD module is not loaded correctly or PHP hasn’t been restarted since it was enabled. 

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