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Can one search for members?

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Hum... I don't have that "search" field. I might have removed it since only part of my site used Invision (the forum and gallery) and the rest of the 1000+ pages are not. I suspect I removed it as it misled people in thinking they could search the whole site with that.

Maybe I would have to re-add it but specify "search forum and gallery" instead of the generic "Search" to appear in the field. (not sure how to re-add it though)

Any other suggestion?

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2 minutes ago, Carole Asselin said:

Can you point me to where/how to re-add that search field to the menu bar?

You can check if you disabled search in ACP -> System -> Applications -> expand System -> check permissions on Search.

That is the only way via the software itself to remove it and disable access to search. If you removed it via your theme, however, this would be on yourself to resolve as customizations are outside our scope of support. 

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