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Gallery: improve album cover functionality


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While we are improving the Gallery, maybe there is still time to squeeze these in:

Option to use the FIRST image as album cover

Currently images are shown in reverse in feeds and the last image is used as cover by default. That is very counter-intuitive and handled differently by any modern social media or image sharing site. A “cover” is by definition the “front” image and that should usually be the image people upload first, not last. I have a use case where I upload old copyright-free books and showing the backside of the book as cover by default makes no sense at all, but I would expect this request applies to pretty much every gallery. Even on a car or dog community, I would expect an album to always show in the order of the files being uploaded (not in reverse) by default and to use the FIRST image being uploaded as the cover. 

Option to change the cover image by the creator of the album

For some reason, this is currently a mod feature, but I do not see why. It’s the user’s albums. They should be able to pick which image best represents the album—at least as an admin-option to give users that permission. 

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