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Hi all,

we were trying to create a category inside "blogs" and we want to make it visible and accessible only to some groups... 
In AdminCP we didn't find how to set permissions to a blog category. 
Hiding the category does not prevent to access to it because if you have the link of the category, you will be able to access to the category itself.
Also, the System->Site Features->Applications-> Blogs->Permissions is not helping us to set the permission on only one single category (but for all the category).
We noticed that we have the chance to set the visibility for users but not groups, this is not helpful... it is not convenient inserting every single member for every single category and every time a new user joins the community.

There is a way to set a permission on a single category to a selected group (e.g. members, administrators, etc.)?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Mark,

do you think that in future there will be the chance to see this feature implemented? It would be extremely useful.
Such as you can decide if a user is able to see a subforum inside a Forums, this should work similar also for Blogs and blog category.
Also having the ability to select groups rather than individual members would be enough (Inside the option "Members allowed to read this blog")

Thanks again for your reply and your effort!

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I am unable to say whether or not a feature would be implemented unfortunately. We Would not generally state unless we are ready for something to go out, and we would then blog on the new features. What I can say however, is add this to the suggestions area. Without the suggestions it may never be changed.

Have you perhaps thought of using pages as an alternative? 

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Hi Marc, 

we will put it in the suggestion area then. 
We already tried to use pages in past but since blog feature exists, we would use it.
In a page we can't create blogs, we can just post links to external third part website.

If there is a way that we are missing, please let us know. 

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