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Discrepancies between what is inside a forum and what is seen outside


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Hi all, 

we noticed that users can see the names of content not yet published in a forum in the cover of the same, is it wanted?
In that case, is it possible to remove this feature?

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Thank you in advance. 

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Sorry if I was not clear, what I'm referring to is the presence of posts in the Forum Grid (image with text "test" highlighted) that have not yet been published inside the Forum, publication has been scheduled but has not yet occurred (in fact, as can be seen from the second image, the user cannot see the "Test" topic in the list of published topics)

Please let me know in case you need additional clarification. We also tried to find the notes area but it is not present inside client area, could you explain further exactly what you mean by "notes area" and where we can find it. Thx

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Hello Marc,

in our Forums page (the one in which you can see all the Forums cards with image, title, description and the last topic) there is a card that shows a not yet published topic, even in the case of anonymous users.
As you can see in the attached picture, no user has signed in (box 1) and the topic "testbis" written by E. (box 2) is visible even if its publication date was set to June 2023. 
We didn't expect this behaviour.

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