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[Pages] Issue with fields with the same name

Axel Wers

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In Pages I have created two fields named See also this article, in Display options I set up Custom in Display View Format section and saved (I didn not test other formats, but I think it will be the same)

I created content on front-end of my community, put some links to fields and saved. But I did not see any content. Permissions are OK.

Problem is this:

I created two fields with the same name and this created the same Template Key (on Display options card) automatically.

There is note The key must be unique for this database. If omitted, a key will be automatically generated etc... yes, but it does not check for duplicates.

So I had created two fields with the same Template key (automatically) see-also-this-article. When I renamed both to see-also-this-article-1 and see-also-this-article-2 respectively, then the contents of the fields on my pages were displayed correctly.

Solution: There should by an internal check whether a key with the same name already exists.

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