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My site is throwing this error up when I try to sign in, seems a fairly new issue and nothing has changed since I could login. I've done some searching and support advised to clear cache which I've tried, as well as other browsers. I can't login to the admin site to clear the forum cache.

Can someone advise what I need to do?





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1 hour ago, sg2013 said:

Maybe that should have been asked 😉

A little confused there. That is indeed what I just asked LOL. Im not sure anyone asked for any details at all above other than to know your display name so we could check permissions 😄

Never send credentials any other way than in the secure client area 🙂


I would suggest clearing your browser cache, and ensuring you are only visiting /admin/ (ensure you dont have anything after that stored in a bookmark for example). I am logged in as yourself with no issues at all.

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That comment was to Jim's post.


I've cleared cache many times, used browsers that I don't use (so no cache) and failed every time, until just now, it works. I even tried different computers. Very strange.

Thank you, I am in now 🙂



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I've never heard of it, it seems it only runs on plugins for apps like WP etc. so I don't think it's on the forum

But, I've added

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .* - [E=Cache-Control:no-cache]

to .htaccess and will try again later once it's disabled fully


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well issue resolved, I think.

Basically it was the parameter for the site in conf_global was set to http, not https. It is strange that I could login to admin on FF, but not the forum, but on chrome I could log into both.

Never been an issue before, but I started getting warnings about it not being secure, so something has changed, be it browser, update etc.

Thanks for your help, think we're sorted!

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