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Friendly Urls temporarily gone - Troubleshoot with google untill issue fixed?

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please I need your input.

Due to technical issues I am forced to disable friendly urls,    otherwise my forum is completely broken and unreadable when inside the forum, untill other things change, I dont see it happening faster than 3 4 days from now,

and I already am without them 3 days now. 

my forum has 1.800.000 posts and visited by 250.000 uniques per month and all of the traffic comes from google ,  mostly in greek language/greece europe.

all those links are friendly urls.   they all, now, instead of taking you to each thread, take you to only the home page. 

Most are medical & or psychology about kids


I am horrified. 

I cant do anything right now but wait for problem to be solved by server admins but I am sure I must do something with google to either report or stop it from crawling? this is the question of this post!

its an URGENT matter  but i dont have any knowledge of what to do and who to ask. 

I have built the forum and managed it for 17 years and its outside my capabilites , and i havent needed any person to deal with something like that because the site has grown organically without any other specific or highly sophisticated means. 

Who has an idea or a tip about  what to do now. 

I am really, really desperate. Shouldnt I be>? or  shouldnt i be !!!! please anyone!! 

(lets not discuss technical issues about the why here, now i just need to know how to not get irrepable damage from the above thing.   unfortunately the error cant be undone)


[before anybody runs into conclusions, my forum was running an unsupported version 4.3 and my server admin didnt want to go to 8php so that i can upgrade before eol. I didnt pressure him hard enough , and here i am in a disaster scenario. another thread for that exists already]

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I read your other topic and it is my understanding that you have 2 forums in the same server, but only one has this issue. This tells me that something has been miscunfigured somewhere in the forum where the issue is happening.

You were given a lot of helpful/useful tips at your other topic, but the thing is that without looking directly in the forum/server where the issue is happening, all one can do is guess. 

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