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Hello, I would like to propose 2 things that I ran into recently and I think they can be solved.

  1. Create a button, for templates/applications and plugins, where you can cancel sending a file to be checked. I was in the position where I uploaded the text file with the update, the images and I forgot because of fatigue to upload the xml as well theme with the update. You have to wait 1.2 ... x days to be rejected, then you have to upload it again and wait again 1.2 ... x days for approval. I know, every person should be careful not to be in this position, but there may be cases where you forget something and it would be more useful both for you and for us.
  2. Add again the possibility at least for the authors of the applications/plugins or templates to be able to download their older versions. I am in the position where I have a problem with a bug that I can't figure out and I don't have an older version available so I can compare them and see where I went wrong, or if it's something else. In version 4.4 this was possible and you could download any version you uploaded, otherwise I no longer see the download button as useful when you hit see changelog , because it directs you to the marketplace.
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Adding to the topic, a few more suggestions for the marketplace:

  • File submitters should be able to download their own files bypassing the marketplace ACP requirement.
  • Display the “pending version” message to anyone and not only to file submitter
  • Display the date the pending version was uploaded.
  • Ability to mass change file prices (apply a % to increase/decrease prices to be used in Black Friday, for example).
  • Add a list of pending versions in the My Paid Files page.
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