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4.7.5 Upgrade - Is S3 Compatible Storage Broken? (No Downloads for You)

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Ok now I do know there is no "Official" support for S3 compatible storage but it has been working fine for the most part up to now.  I am currently using Vultr as my S3 storage option, mainly because I do not need to have signed access so it works seamlessly...well it at least it did.

I was having other issues with out of date plugins plugins in which IPS Support help me fix and while they were at the upgraded my site to the new version.  Thanks to the team for that help because I know my issues were kind of out there.

That said...whenever someone tries to download a file they get an XML Access Denied Error. When I inspect the URL it is actually pointing to https://content-restricted.invisioncic.com, now I have no clue what this is but it is definitely not were my files are stored as this looks like an IPS CDN.

Is anyone else on Cloud getting this issue if using S3 compatible storage? Wasabi, Vultr, or anything else?

Ohhh and I should add, already opened a ticket with IPS, but if anyone does has this issue...when I tried to add a custom URL to my storage settings seeing if that will work my AdminCP Error 500'd on me.

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On 12/3/2022 at 6:27 AM, Franck Poulain said:

Same issue here ! After the 4.7.5 upgrade downloads are broken ! I'm using the regular amazon S3 service.

Sent a support ticket but they told me that it will not be looked before Monday...

My website is not offline because of this.

Yeah I do no think the issue had anything to do with S3 Compatible storage.  Because if Invisions CDN is hardcoded in (which is what we are experiencing)  then using your own Amazon S3 storage is not going to work either.

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