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  1. I don't think so because currently all my API calls made in my software are returning '403' (Forbidden) error right now. Here is what my software is logging with a "hello" request used to know the availability of the API at the start of the software: "Failed to execute '/api/core/hello/' API request. HTTP response code is '403' (Forbidden)" Thank you in advance for your work and good luck with the fix 🙂
  2. Hello @Charles, the license is indeed now refreshed correctly but the REST API is still not available on my side (Super 65 Plan).
  3. Same issue with a Super65 plan, REST API is not available anymore and it is used by my customers. Hope it can be fixed very soon.
  4. Same here, long terms and verified users are posting this SPAM automatically and this is very annoying. Using word blocking now.
  5. I just have upgraded to the latest version and since that my users are getting a "Access denied" error when trying to download any file. Files are stored on my own amazon S3 system which was working fine before... I have put my website on maintenance mode while this issue is still present so I hope that this will get solved very soon. I am able to upload new files when posting a new download on the website and the file is uploaded to the S3 bucket without any issue but when downloading the file, I always get a "Access denied" issue. It seems that i'm not the only one to have this issue:
  6. Same issue here ! After the 4.7.5 upgrade downloads are broken ! I'm using the regular amazon S3 service. Sent a support ticket but they told me that it will not be looked before Monday... My website is not offline because of this.
  7. Same error 500 on my website since a few hours now
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