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Innodb conversion on b_core_search_index table with 1.5m rows

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I recently tried to do a Innodb conversion on a rather large table. I didn't' realize it was as large as it was - 1.5M rows.

I used phpmyadmin to execute the query... which I now realize was a mistake.

I got a timeout error after a min or so.

Now I'm seeing extremely high CPU, and mysql is consuming 50%+ CPU and 35% + memory.

What should I do? Just let this run out, or reboot and try again via the command line?

I've placed the community into maintenance mode for now.


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Ok, a quick update on what's happened between when I posted above and now...

I've looked at the database, and now all the tables are correctly showing as Innodb (not MyISAM), which is good!

However, I'm still seeing VERY high load and memory usage.

So should I wait, or reboot. 

Is there anything else anyone would recommend I do at this point?


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