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Multiple questions/thoughts before installing IPS

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Hello everyone, over a year now i have a news website which starts to grow day by day and i want to take it a step further. I want to build a big community behind all this were everyone will be able to communicate each other in one place where it feels cozy and family-friendly and to be connected with our name-brand.

So i own playsiders.com which is based on wordpress. My questions are:

1. How do i transfer all our 7k+ posts on IPS and how to have similar editor with the same features (featured image, slideshows inside post, tags etc)?

2. How to have a similar frontpage like the current one but everything behind to be on IPS, and a forum on another page under playsiders.com without subdomain or anything?

Some examples are insomnia.gr who almost did what i am thinking of, but i want to make it more futuristic, be able to put background ads, create custom pages for events etc. I hope you understand what i am saying and someone explain to me if it is possible and guide me with any plugins, tools etc i will need.

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You can convert WordPress posts to Pages databases. https://invisioncommunity.com/services/convert/

You can still have tags, featured images and so on. Slideshows/image galleries are NOT a native feature in Pages articles. Just single images. While the conversion is automatic, you probably have to do a lot of cleaning up to do after the conversion. 

The homepage as part of the suite is no problem at all. But keep in mind that by default you only get a basic layout with a main content column and a sidebar. Replicating your WordPress design would require a lot of customization. 

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