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Subscriptions - Possible to Exclude Member Group from Promotion/Demotion on Purchase/Renewal?

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Is there a way to exclude certain member groups from group promotions when using a subscription?  

I had a subscriber that I later made a moderator.  He wants to continue contributing to the site financially, but each time his subscription renews, it switches him back into the group setup for subscribers.  

Is there a way to set moderators from being promoted when they have an active subscription?  I figured if worse comes to worse, I can create a new subscription that does not have promotion enabled, but I'd prefer to not create multiple ones if I can avoid it.  


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If I recall right, only accounts with ACP access are automatically excluded from promotion/demotion. There's no additional setting to exclude other specific groups.

In theory you could add them to a group with ACP access but totally restrict their account so they can't actually do anything (except changing their email address or password).

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