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Locales selector on Windows Server (yes, I know)

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Disclaimer: I am fully aware that your Windows Server support is very limited. I do not have any problem with languages. I'm reporting just in case:

I assume that the selector should show only locales which are already installed. But on Windows Server the selector seems to work the way around showing only not installed locales. On my Windows Server 2019 which supports out of box most locales the menu includes only very exotic languages. For example, no English (United States) available to be selected while my OS is a native en-US.

So for all locales already supported by my server I need to select "My locale is not listed" and input a correct short code. Following the Windows tip from the PHP setlocale description that would be this format (eg. "usa" instead of "en_US" but it can't be "enu" because then a flag is not detected in the Languages menu at the bottom).

As I said, currently I don't have any problem with languages. But is this a bug in the selector?

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Thanks for the answer. I was pretty sure that would be the result.

BTW. Are we going for "semanticts"?

On 8/22/2022 at 8:54 AM, Marc Stridgen said:

With windows server, we dont offer support at all.

From this page:


Please note that if you choose to use Windows based hosting, our technical support services will be limited.

From ACP:


We have detected that your server operating system is Windows-based, however Invision Community works best under Linux and Unix environments. While Invision Community may still work in this environment, you may encounter issues that fall outside the scope of support.

Both messages are not strong enough to deliver the same message.

What's more, from the 4.7 changelog:


Fixed an issue embedding some external content when PHP 8 is used on Windows/IIS when a storage location is absolutely defined.

So I got an impression that you still welcome some reports from Windows Server...


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