Pricing that scales with your community

It's easy to get started with Invision Community. Our pricing options scale with your community, so your success is our success.

Invision Community on-premise licensing

On-premise (otherwise known as downloadable/self-hosted) licensing may be a good fit if you have special requirements, have already invested in an existing infrastructure and have an IT team that are able to support the demands of a complex web application such as Invision Community.

Self-hosting a community requires a thorough understanding of maintaining an infrastructure that is compatible with our platform and suitable for demanding web applications. We recommend consulting with your IT team before choosing an on-premise license, or you may contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Are you ready for self-hosted?

Before purchasing an on-premise license, we recommend ensuring that your infrastructure is compatible. The simple tool below can be run on your server to ensure the required software is available.

Compatibility Checker
  • Choose which apps you need
  • Renew every six months
  • Manage your own infrastructure

Choose Your Apps

Select at least one paid app. Calendar is included as a free app.
You can always add new apps later via our client area.

Order Summary

  • Suite Core   $100
  • Calendar FREE
  • Forums $100
  • Total $200
$25 Renew in 6
months for just

What is the renewal?

The core of Invision Community contains the central functionality that powers the product and is therefore required to use the other apps. It provides functionality like member management (registration, profiles etc.), themes, languages, search and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the self-hosted software?

Self-hosting our software requires a server with these minimum capabilities:

  • PHP 7.1.0 or higher
    • All default extensions
    • GD2 extension
    • mbstring extension
  • MySQL 5.1+ (MySQL 5.6+ recommended)

Our software works with all modern web servers (Apache, nginx, lighttpd, etc.) that can support the listed requirements. Please note that if you choose to use Windows based hosting, our technical support services will be limited.

Do you offer refunds?

For purchases for downloadable products, such as software, we do not provide any refunds after the software has been downloaded. To ensure a product is right for you before purchasing, please try our demo, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Do you provide support for server issues?

No - our support coverage for self-hosted plans is limited to issues/guidance with our software only. For problems related to your server, we'll refer you to your host or IT team with more information. We recommend choosing one of our Cloud plans if you aren't experienced in server management.

Is installation/upgrade of the software included?

No - installation and upgrade service is not provided as standard with our self-hosted licenses. While these processes are not usually difficult to perform, you should have experience in managing a web server before attempting them.

We offer initial installation as an optional service, priced at $100.

Our self-hosted licenses renew on a six-month basis, and provide ongoing access to support, software and services. If you do not renew by your expiration date, your software will continue to function. However, support, software downloads and additional services will be unavailable until you renew.

What's included?

  • Ongoing access to new software versions, including major updates
  • Technical support for the entire renewal period
  • The IPS Spam Defender service, to protect your community against spam
  • Access to the IPS Marketplace for new themes and addons
  • Customer-only peer-to-peer support forums