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Problem with stripe payment and SMS verification

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A member just contacted me to report an issue when paying for a membership. 

The payment was done with stripe and it went through because I got the email from Stripe.

The new secondary user group was not assigned after the purchase and the client told me what happened. See below his explanation. Could you please let me know what was the problem, if it was a temporary glitch or there is something wrong that could be repeated in the future? 

The invoice number is 1315

----- user explanation -----

When doing the payment the bank asked for third confirmation - it is a code which I have and a sms code… When receiving the confirmation of the payment there was a message: Something went wrong please redo payment… But in my account it was staying that it is paid. So please, if you do not see my payment (because I did not receive sms for the completed transaction).


Thank a lot 

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57 minutes ago, Jim M said:

It looks like the Purchase got marked as expired. Was this something which you have done here on purpose?

Purchased marked as expired? Didn't do anything. Got the email from the client explaining the error. I changed the user group manually to grant him access to what he paid for and wrote the support topic. Didn't do anything else. Just that after I got the error report from the member.

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4 hours ago, OptimusBain said:

I've located the issue. It's related to a third party application. Will contact with the developer. thanks.

Glad to hear you were able to find the issue. Do you mind sharing the third party application which caused this? It will help other users who may stumble upon this issue as well.

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