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Depuis la nuit dernière, mon site www.alfaromeo-online.com est inaccessible pour une raison inconnue... La maintenance prévue sur les serveurs impacte-t-elle la disponibilité des sites? Il y a-t-il d'autres explications possibles?



Since last night, my website www.alfaromeo-online.com isinaccessible for an unknown reason...

Does the planned maintenance on servers impact the availability of the site? Are there other possible explainations?

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If there has been planned maintainance on your servers, then you would need to know what that is, and ask your hosting company if that would affect your site. We cannot answer whether that is the cause. Only your hosting company can. It seems its very likely if they have told you they are doing some maintenance

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2 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Not really sure on what to suggest in that scenario. You would need to contact your hosting company to see what error is being thrown when you are running php8

I have a VPS so I have full access it could be a bug with 8.0.17 for all we know but for now I have reverted back to 7.4 and all is working. 

It may also be one of the plugins I am running I am yet to test all that yet but at the moment things are working so I am going to leave it be. 

I don't want to annoy my members too much as the site was down for over 10 hours before I noticed! I will wait till a quieter time before playing again.

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1 hour ago, stu_m said:

This was the update that killed it! 


  • EA-10575: Update ea-php80 from 8.0.16 to 8.0.17. 

I can confirm that this is the version of PHP that I am running on my server which experienced the same problem.  I am pretty sure, however, that I was running on this same version of PHP for quite a while before the site inaccessible problem occurred.  My community JUST went inaccessible about 24 hours ago, but I hadn't upgraded PHP any more recently than a few months ago.


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9 minutes ago, stu_m said:

If you are running a on cpanel then this update only came out on the 23rd and will have been automatically done in the background. 

The update is to easyapache and part of the cpanel updates 

This is correct, and will also only affect PHP 8, as it's the update to 8.0.17 that is causing the issues. We're trying to work around it at present

6 hours ago, AlexWebsites said:

I'm not sure its theme related because ACP was inaccessible for me. 

The only thing I can really say there is we would need to see it in that state to advise. My suspicion is that zlib hasnt been properly disabled to be honest. Its too coincidental that it's the same symptoms at exactly the same time as everyone else

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I've been able to correlate on one of my sites that shutting off zlib compression while on PHP 8.0.17 allows the site to come back on. I have all plugins apps disabled, tested with default theme. Turned zlib compression back on and the site goes down and blank white page. Turn it off, comes back online.

On another IPS site same server, I have zlib compression set to ON and running PHP 8.0.17 without issue.  Shut it off/on, no issues. Very odd why one is ok and the other is not, same setup. I looked at caching/redis and if there are any differences. All my IPS sites are on the same server, same settings.

The site that is working is running:






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