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Stop sending mail to users

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Hey there

My community has almost 20 years old. During this period of time, there have been lots of times where bots and spammers signed up and also users whose email has been changed.

This makes that my server is trying to send emails to these old users and the delivery of the email fails. Potentially, this can be an issue and our server could be blacklisted.

I know detecting this is difficult. I think there are plugins that listen to the SMTP reply in order to block an user.

However, it would be interesting to have a tool in de ACP showing the member list with some info such as last login, number of posts, etc. and the ability to multiple select users and a button to "stop sending emails to these users".

Nowadays I think that we cannot lock and user to receive emails. We have to edit their notification settings and change manually all options to just "notification". Isn't it?

Is there a way to perform this easily? How do you do this?

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There is not an easier way today.  You correct in that you would need to individually change each member's notification settings to disable email for a user.  

If you would like it considered for a future release, there is a feature request forum you can make the request in:



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You can edit everyone's notification permissions at the same time. I just removed sending emails to everyone by default on each category and hit the reset all members permissions to default button because the push notifications are good enough and if people want to receive emails they can manually change that on their preferences.

You can also go into your AdminCP -> System -> Settings -> Login & Registration -> Registration and make some changes in there to make the process a bit more difficult for bots. And go into AdminCP -> Members -> Content Moderation -> Spam Prevention and add a few things in there too.

Some other ideas for dealing with high levels of SPAM include creating like a New Member group with literally no access to anything except to make 1 post on a New Members forum. That works wonders because people will need to make at least 1 post even if it's just saying "Hello" before they get promoted to a Member group that grants them more access on the site.

You might also be interested in reading about using a CDN and WAF with IPS:

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As mentioned by Randy above, there isnt really any quick way to go about this. You can change everyones of course, as mentioned, but Im not sure thats what you want to do here.

It is worth noting, there may be 3rd party items that you find to be helpful in this, so it would be worth taking a look within the marketplace

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