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Pre-fill forum topic from a template?

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@Ghost Face those look like separate Pages app/integration not something that gets integrated into the forum topic/post.

@Adriano the only caveat I see with that app is that the data is managed separately and coupled to the application.  I don't want to lose the data in the future if the app loses support or compatibility.  The only thing I effectively need is the ability to specify a pre-filled text area inside the topic editor for a given forum.  I don't mind if the users alter it, I'm more interested in it being stored as part of the forum topic in the base IPS tables.

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10 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Just as an addition to this, while its not prepopulated as such, you can save replies for quick use on the system. You add these from Customization>Editor>Stock Replies . You then need to add the stock replies icon to your toolbar

Thank you @Marc Stridgen!  I had no idea this even existed and fits the bill perfectly! 👍

Not necessary for it to be pre-filled, the members can learn about the editor button and to import the template they're interested in!

8 hours ago, Miss_B said:

Have a look at my app:


Also a good app idea, this gives you the prefilled new topic body on a forum level.  I found I also needed a reply template, which is why Marc's solution fit better (free, but also had the same workflow as the new topic body).  Thank you for letting me know about your app too!

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