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How to add member to moderation queue from frontend?

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Issue a warning to the member.  One of the behavior actions that can be applied with the warning is to moderate the posts.  

There is no default feature to one click moderate a member.  You would need a plugin to accomplish this.  You can also post in the feature suggestion forum if you would like to suggest a change.  

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As mentioned above, while not one click, you could set up a warning reason and action. Even if you wish for  it not to interupt anything that is already there, you could just set it higher than other actions.


  1. Go to Content -> Moderation  -> Actions
  2. Create a new reason there, and set the points to 100, along with whatever other prefs you wish it to add there
  3. Go to actions and create a new action that on 100 points adds moderation

All done. You can then point at the user and give them that warning from anywhere you wish. 



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