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Remove Link Tracking

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39 minutes ago, Gabriel Torres said:

Does it cover Amazon.com affiliate links? Because one problem we have here is users "recommending" products, but the links actually have afilliate tracking info.

I’m finding several tags related to Amazon, but I’m not sure which applies to affiliate links. Would you be able to show me an example of the affiliate links used by your members?

Edit: I’ve identified two Amazon’s affiliate parameters (ascsubtag and tag) and will add them to the next release. An example from your forum would still be helpful, though.

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@Runar See below several examples of what could be cleaned out.




These two examples are from amazon.com.br, but amazon.com, amazon.co.uk etc use the same format. Everything after the ASIN code can be removed. The stripped-down version of the same links would be:






The first example was stripped-down correctly by the plugin, but not the second one. Everything after the .html can be removed.

Also note that here the example if for the Portuguese version of Aliexpress, but it applies to any version of this website.




Everything after the product number can be removed.







I hope I have helped and let me know if you want more examples! 🙂


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34 minutes ago, Gabriel Torres said:

Another one very popular here.

Are these copied directly from your forum? I ask because the “&” part is a bit tricky. If the URLs above are posted in your forum exactly like they are here, then I need to do some extra magic behind the scenes to make the plugin read them correctly.

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7 minutes ago, Gabriel Torres said:

@Runar I copied these directly from the database. I don't know whether they were posted like this or it was IPS that converted & into & before saving.

Don’t worry, I found a way to work around it! Thank you again for the examples.

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Thank you for the report! I’ve identified the issue and a new version containing a fix will be submitted shortly. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you haven’t lost faith in the plugin.

Edit: I’ve set the price to $1,000 to prevent anyone from installing it until the fix is released.

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What’s new in version 1.1.0:

Version 1.1.0 is now available on the Marketplace. This version contains new tracking parameters and fixes a bug reported earlier in this topic. Another new feature is that tracking parameters in other parts of the URL, such as somewhere in the path or in fragments (that’s the text after the #), will also be removed.

New features

  • Tracking parameters in the URL path and fragments (after the #) will now be removed.


  • Added new tracking parameters.


  • Fixed issue with links not made up of text, such as images or other attachments, being wrongfully processed.

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