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Profile info not displaying until page refresh

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Pretty much what the title says, when a profile is initially loaded it should display all that user's info and such on the left side, however this does not occur until the page is refreshed. I've tried looking around to find help on this but to no avail, are there settings for this or is something else wrong? It's a bit of an inconvenience to need to do this to every time you view someone's page.

Pictures of a profile before and after reloading the page below.


No Info.PNG

With Info.PNG

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13 hours ago, Jim M said:

Would recommend disabling any third party applications and plugins then switching to an unmodified theme. If that does not help, please check your browser console in the developer tools of your browser to see if there are any errors.

Thanks Jim! I forgot to update the post, but I had managed to fix this by disabling one of our core profile plugins we've been using for ages, can't believe I overlooked the most obvious one when initially trying thisย ๐Ÿ˜…

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