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How to remove this from the Forums forum?

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Hey guys, could anyone point out how could I remove this container from the Forums section? I dont really see the point of it as we already have a Create on the Header so in my case this is just distraction, especially because I am using Forums as my Landing Page. Thanks for the help!





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3 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

There would be no built in way to remove that item without theme customisation. I can move your ticket to that area to see if there is anyone who may be able to help you achieve that. 

Ah, I was sure this is the correct area. Please move it. 🙂 

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I believe this would be in the theme's HTML settings:

Forums > Front > Index > Index

I believe you would want to remove:

<div class='ipsPageHeader ipsClearfix ipsMargin_bottom cForumHeader ipsHeaderButtons ipsFlex ipsFlex-ai:center ipsFlex-jc:between'>
	<h1 class='ipsType_pageTitle ipsFlex-flex:11 ipsType_break'>
	{{if \IPS\forums\Forum::canOnAny( 'add' ) }}
		<ul class='ipsToolList ipsToolList_horizontal ipsClearfix sm:ipsPos_none sm:ipsMargin:none ipsFlex-flex:00'>
			<li class='ipsToolList_primaryAction ipsResponsive_hidePhone'>
				<a class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_important" href="{url="app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=add" seoTemplate="topic_non_forum_add_button"}" data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size='narrow' data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="select_forum"}'>{lang="start_new_topic"}</a>
			{template="viewChange" group="global" app="forums" params=""}


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