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(NE) Display my badges

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2 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Thank you

Can you please make the default Invision theme available to Guests, so that I can switch to it? Alternatively, create a test account for me, and add me to a group that does have access to the default Invision theme.


Hello. Default theme is now available for guests.

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This is a problem with your theme, unfortunately.

I hook into a template using this as the selector for the area to add information:

article > aside.ipsComment_author.cAuthorPane.ipsResponsive_hidePhone > ul.cAuthorPane_info

Which points to here in the default theme:

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Number, Symbol

And then my additional content is added in (See the 'neappMyBadges_wrapper added)

Your theme adds a div into the mix (see '<div id="cb-nexxe__comment_author">') that causes the problem - the selector no longer exists as a result:


Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage

When I have more time, I'll take a closer look to see if this is something that I can work around.



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v1.2.2 is currently pending approval


  • modified author pane hook selector to account for custom themes where the developer has added additional elements which conflict with the prior selector being used.


14 hours ago, popjunkie said:

Update: I can see other people's badges in the author pane on mobile but not on desktop. I cannot see my own on either.

As discussed via PM, the above is working as expected based on your chosen settings in the ACP:

  1. "Show recent badges (if none chosen)?" is enabled

  2. "Override user's choice?" is disabled

As you had entered your own account settings and saved the 'Display My Badges' form, that was a choice being made to not display badges if all of them were left in the default 'off' position. "Override user's choice?" has been included specifically for that scenario, as per the description for the setting:


Use this to override user's choice if they have decided to display no badges.

You enabled that setting, and your recent badges now display as expected. 👍


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  • 2 months later...

v1.3.0 is currently pending approval


  • added settings to allow displaying the awarded badge's image in the inline blurb shown on a comment (this is a more advanced version of the template edit provided here) Available positions are:
    • Start of blurb (see image 1 below)
    • End of blurb (see image 2 below)
    • Inside the blurb (see image 3 below)


  • Re-organised the settings on the resource's first settings tab.


  • Removed a duplicated setting ("Include 'View badges' link in postbit?") from the resource's second settings tab.


Image 1:

Could contain: Text, Page, File

Image 2:

Could contain: Text, Page

Image 3:

Could contain: Text

Edited by Nathan Explosion
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  • 1 month later...

Hey @Nathan Explosion, been racking my brain on how to enhance the mobile view. Its awesome you can see the badges, but due to where the 3 dot menu comes in, it can mess around the view and badge look:

Could contain: Light, Logo

Here's another thing it does too:



Not sure what to suggest unless you have any thoughts? They totally make the view so much better and more incentive to actually look into badges and achievements.

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10 hours ago, GazzaGarratt said:

unless you have any thoughts?

Here is what it looks like on the default Invision theme, which is what I work with:

Could contain: Text, Page

You're using a custom theme, plus you've included the user's reputation information in the same area as the badges, so things look different and more cramped as a result.

If you want the badges placed in a different location then suggest the position and I can look into options for that, but unfortunately, all I can suggest to you right now is to disable the display of the reputation information.

On 7/5/2023 at 7:58 PM, Vakarian96 said:

Would it be possible to select which groups are allowed to use it?

Missed this last night...I could have sworn I had an option in there to control group access to the functionality but at first glance, it appears I don't - I'll double-check tomorrow morning on this one.

Edited by Nathan Explosion
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