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    Hello I want to ask for refund, i payd less than seven days ago. Thank you
  2. about everything else I wrote above.
  3. @Nathan Explosion are u agree ?
  4. @Nathan Explosion We didn't understand each other.
  5. Thank you, i will wait for the next update ! P.S This is a great plugin with great potential. as a suggestion I can offer the following... 1. option to hide view badges (users have access to this menu anyway ) 2. the ability to change the view badges text and set it above the icons instead of below them. Thank you for u work !
  6. RZaK

    Mind Theme

    This is greates news... Your recomendations work perfect... P.S If possible, a small wish for version without Pages... Is it possible to come up with some opportunity to add text to the header with animation, as it is now implemented in the version with Pages... Maybe not text, some last topics etc...For greatest look ! thank you for your work !
  7. RZaK

    Mind Theme

    @Heosforo How i can delete this {block="mind_trending_articles"} {block="top_forum_posts"} Or delete the only block with articles because "top forum posts" looks very good on header...but i still have and with this problem !
  8. RZaK

    Mind Theme

    @Heosforo I dont use "Pages" on my forum...Can you make version for users without pages !! Thank you !
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