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Allow third party advertisers to be included in emails...

Ocean West

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So it appears the Email Advertisement is for site related ads or campaigns and there is no way to setup any random banner or advertisement from our affiliates / sponsors / advertisers.

I would like to consider an opportunity to increase exposure, and site could increase revenue by selling them an ad placement allowing them to create a campaign upload ad and url or some promotion.

When other members get typical notification email from the site ( followed content / replied content etc) they email would include a section for site sanctioned advertisers.

All advertisers who have purchase this would be in random rotation as emails are distributed. 

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If you go ACP > System > Advertisements you should see a place to add advertisements. On this page there is a tab for email adverts. 

I have tried to get this to work but it never shows my advert on the email so my stats are ZERO sends, ZERO views and ZERO clicks. 

I don't know what is wrong.  

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