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Paid Project: Podcasts

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Hello all,

I am looking for a solution to integrate my podcast into my site.  I have ideas on how I want it to look and how users will access and comment on episodes. I am not smart enough to know if this is a full blown application or something that can be built in Pages. Either way, I am willing to pay for the development. Based on other feedback I have read, I suspect there are others who would be interested.

Please message me if you are interested.

Thank you!!!

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What did you end up doing with this? I have members who post podcats via: captivate, youtube, feedspot, spotify, anchor.fm, etc.

I have them being RSS imported into forum topics right now but was thiking of building something in pages or a custom app that embeds the players for each platform. 

If there was an app that was maintanined and allowed importing of podcast feeds under members, I would be very interested.

Forums topics is just not ideal now that its more and more of them.


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