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I've looked but can't seem to find anything that resembles a notification when a new member joins.  If there is can someone point me to where it is.  If there isn't, can we have this added to the notification list?  It would be really useful to know when someone new has joined so they can be welcomed and made to feel valued.  It's not always feasible to keep track of new members when you are starting out and it's easy to miss someone.  When members are scarce on the ground for many of us, it would be useful to know when someone joins and have someone reach out to them.

I know there is a widget about members, but it only shows the latest member - if two, three or four join there's no way of knowing unless viewed via the ACP and that's not always practical. I'd like a notification on site and perhaps an email so I know if I'm away from the site for a day or so that someone has joined.

With thanks 🙂


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