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Shoutcast 2 Functionality Radio Audio HTML5\Flash

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Hello everyone,

I'm hosted with IPS. I've searched high and low for plugins and code to support what I'm trying to accomplish, which is to simply play a url like the following:


I've purchased this code: https://codecanyon.net/item/shout-html5-radio-player-with-ads-shoutcast-and-icecast-support/20522568

Of course I am scratching my head as in how I can upload these files to the server (it would connect to a remote audio that I am hosting using shoutcast). I'm thinking support will tell me its out of scope (which is the answer I get for most of my requests)

Really, all I want to know is:

How can I have HTML5 streaming of Shoutcast 2 audio with IPS?

Open to any and all suggestions! Plugins that work, other ways of inserting code (including source), etc. I've seen other people ask on here and receive no response.

Thank you in advance! 🙂


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