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Commerce - Selling diesel parts and services

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Ok I've done it in the past about 5 years ago but the IPS software has changed since I did it last. I was able to create a email I could send out to my vendor with the full invoice parts, part numbers, and quantities. Then my vendor will box it up and drop ship for me. My problem is I've lost my old template from way back when. Basically I want to take and use the product notification and send a email invoice to my vendor with the stuff the customer is wanting to buy. 

So take this which does me zero good...


Then email this which covers everything... I have the product listing that is readable, who order (Mopar1973Man.Com) and then who is this product sent to (Customer name and shipping address). Now my vendor bills my account and process my order to ship a injection pump out to X customer in Y state. I like the email notification method because my local products I sell don't require this so I leave the feild blank. But if the product comes from Utah Supplier I got to make sure to pass along the info... So email notification works good.


My question is how to build this into the email so all the info is passed along to my vendor. Shipping address, product names, I can lose the price because my price will be different from public. I do need all shipping and customer information emailed for sure hard to ship a product without a address and customer name. This way the product is order from my vendor instantly and and mailed out to the customers with my business name on the package. 

ANOTHER SUGGESTION --- Provide Fractional Quantity

Being I do do Diesel Mechanic work I need to bill out in fractional amount a lot of times and it a big pain in the rear end to have to hand calculate everything for fractional amount. 2.4 hours at $85 and hour since the IPS can't process it I got to now hand math which is $204 for the 2.4 hours and the set it for 1 quantity. Instead of setting the price at $85 an hour and placing 2.4 in the quantity. This one is time waster being simple math of fractional quantity is a common feature to even Quickbooks. 


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Thanks for that suggestion but don't think that is what I need.

Without going into detail, the requirement is to notify a 3rd party that a service (product) has been purchased directly with us which we will manage on their behalf.  Its similar to drop shipping situation where the supplier (3rd party) is asked to fulfil an order of a particular product.  I've searched the Marketplace but not seen anything close.

I now think it needs customisation, any developer up for it?  A copy of the Purchase Notifications functionality on a product seems very close, add a separate email template to include customer, address and product details that is sent to specific emails (cc'ed option would be good) after the invoice has been paid.  If a manual invoice was generated for this product it would need an override option to prevent the email as it may be after the fact and cause confusion.

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2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Or is it that different products may need emailing to different places?

Yes, that is it.

An invoice can contain multiple products, some would need to be emailed to 1, others to 2 and more fulfilled by the website owner.  So in my mind, the trigger needs to be the products on the invoice.  It would be a subset of the data on the invoice that is emailed.


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Thanks for exploring the options for me, its appreciated. 

I'm surprised that there hasn't been more requests for a drop shipping option and its a pity that the Purchase Notifications functionality on a product is so very close. Its just the it doesn't include the customer address.  Could it be enhanced to include data from other tables? 




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