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  1. Ok I've done it in the past about 5 years ago but the IPS software has changed since I did it last. I was able to create a email I could send out to my vendor with the full invoice parts, part numbers, and quantities. Then my vendor will box it up and drop ship for me. My problem is I've lost my old template from way back when. Basically I want to take and use the product notification and send a email invoice to my vendor with the stuff the customer is wanting to buy. So take this which does me zero good... Then email this which covers everything... I have the product listing that is readable, who order (Mopar1973Man.Com) and then who is this product sent to (Customer name and shipping address). Now my vendor bills my account and process my order to ship a injection pump out to X customer in Y state. I like the email notification method because my local products I sell don't require this so I leave the feild blank. But if the product comes from Utah Supplier I got to make sure to pass along the info... So email notification works good. My question is how to build this into the email so all the info is passed along to my vendor. Shipping address, product names, I can lose the price because my price will be different from public. I do need all shipping and customer information emailed for sure hard to ship a product without a address and customer name. This way the product is order from my vendor instantly and and mailed out to the customers with my business name on the package. ANOTHER SUGGESTION --- Provide Fractional Quantity Being I do do Diesel Mechanic work I need to bill out in fractional amount a lot of times and it a big pain in the rear end to have to hand calculate everything for fractional amount. 2.4 hours at $85 and hour since the IPS can't process it I got to now hand math which is $204 for the 2.4 hours and the set it for 1 quantity. Instead of setting the price at $85 an hour and placing 2.4 in the quantity. This one is time waster being simple math of fractional quantity is a common feature to even Quickbooks.
  2. That's what I did for 5 years... Losing traffic and search rankings dropped. Now I'm focused on speed and meeting Google requirements and gain over 20,000 people per month and still growing. Traffic is improving and speed is getting slower because the server is getting busier. So what I did in the last 3 month netted me more than leaving it alone for 5 years and watched it fall apart. Better your speed ranking the better your ranking of SEO with Google.
  3. Like currently to gain more speed and reduce timings here. I've now downloaded a copy of my entire website. Now taking my attachments which are mostly photos. Copied again on my local hard drive and going month by month to re-compress all the photos down. cd .. cd monthly_2021_02 jpegoptim -f *.jpg optipng *.png In doing so I've seen several files with as high as 30% saving in space now. Just the month_2021_02 I made at least a 25 MB space savings. When you run through all the folders there might be a considerable saving of all the photos being re-compressed the marginal pages I've got will most likely pass when I get this project done. Now figure my website started way back at 2007 orignally so there is a close to 8.5 GB of files on the attachment folder and going to take me awhile to process down. SNIP - jpegoptim -f *.jpg 0190327_134444.jpg.015a98b6afa7588b1fde06ae3c81cfe7.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 290807 --> 286312 bytes (1.55%), optimized. 20190327_135422.jpg.0eef6c35371e5728900cbd03ccf04d05.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 144554 --> 128616 bytes (11.03%), optimized. 20190327_135548.jpg.0537f4829d55748717ea4c663efdca4a.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 158866 --> 142351 bytes (10.40%), optimized. 20190327_135829.jpg.c58ea22e15835c0a5aa7856dbb2e603c.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 240411 --> 233764 bytes (2.76%), optimized. 20190327_180549.jpg.0721a2f8be87ab7b37784317744b5950.jpg 1200x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 216775 --> 212396 bytes (2.02%), optimized. 20190327_190557.jpg.b005c88e1c935ad0f004ba0f7f6a1421.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 263128 --> 255889 bytes (2.75%), optimized. 20190327_190916.jpg.3f05b7cd72091ab793c11e147fe6a7e1.jpg 1600x1600 24bit N JFIF [OK] 283643 --> 277559 bytes (2.14%), optimized. SNIP - optipng *.png 1600x964 pixels, 4x8 bits/pixel, RGB+alpha Reducing image to 3x8 bits/pixel, RGB Input IDAT size = 565897 bytes Input file size = 566803 bytes Trying: zc = 9 zm = 8 zs = 0 f = 0 IDAT size = 394146 Selecting parameters: zc = 9 zm = 8 zs = 0 f = 0 IDAT size = 394146 Output IDAT size = 394146 bytes (171751 bytes decrease) Output file size = 394224 bytes (172579 bytes = 30.45% decrease)
  4. Like what I'm used to... BEFORE Payment - Purchase Order this where the customer wishes to purchase an item but not paid yet. AFTER Payment - Invoice is generated because the customer has his/her goodies in shipping to them and been paid for.
  5. That's cheating... Yeah IPS might have a zero CLS shift because they do not have any Google Adsense being displayed. Where most of us use the Google adsense for income. Another thing to look at is the test during peak traffic hours vs quiet time. I typically do my code work in the quiet time so my test in the morning typically better than mid day or evening time when busy. Timing wise is tough to work with growing traffic and times get longer. As for the CLS you can fix that for the most part but adsense ads tend to create huge amount of CLS.
  6. I would rather have the invoice created AFTER the pay now button. All the incomplete invoices are annoyance to me for accounting purpose having to skip over all the incomplete transactions. Searching out the completed transactions for sale tax and other thing you have to account for. I've got a lot of people looking at stuff on my site and plan to purchase later. I also use the invoice system for my business as working on customers trucks. Works great just wish it would handle fractional quantity.
  7. Still waiting for the Google to retest all this. I've managed to knock the LCP (Largest Colorful Paint) to just a mere 421 URL left. I'm in the process of backing up all the attachments and now going to recompress all my attachments and photos. I found a GUI style picture file compressor called "Trimage" then there is a terminal based called "jpegoptim" that work directly on your server terminal. I'm going to do most of the processing at home and re-upload the files again this way I don't tank the server load with monster recompress of 8 GB of files. Currently on the desktop side the only poor I got is CLS (Content Layout Shift) again waiting for Google to retest this out. I'm my testing I managed to reach 0.08 on most pages. The biggest is the CLS and diving into the CSS and do a search for "google" it will pop up. Now you can set the amount of space in the CSS to fix the CLS or at least reduce it. I aimed for reduction mostly. Kind of hard with dynamic layout design like Invision. Timing is basically getting your server optimized as best you can then start drop out the drag. More or less how I build diesel truck for customers. Lose as much drag and weight then start adding power to the engine. This way your not adding power to huge archor or excessive weight and trying to drag the weight. (Switch back to web) More or less ditch the heavy graphics as much as possible, go more "Plain Jane" now you can add back in the goodies and watch till Google whines about either content shift or timing. Maybe that's why I drive a 500 HP Diesel Truck that most just think is stock... https://mopar1973man.com/storage/attachments/monthly_2020_06/15915332979951430079351958718559.jpg.3c0f371c8c1300491ef55ed800e1ea0c.jpg
  8. Even myself I'm on VPS server. I know enough to be dangerous sometimes. (Evil Laughter)
  9. Like myself, I managed to pull it off... Marginally but did it... I've expanded more ads on the thread listing page and the forum post pages too. Still managed to squeeze through barely making it all fit. Ugh! I'll use any web based test tool from the outside. I can't really use my browser developer tools being my local internet here is slow. So the scores are always a touch lower and never quite reach the mark ever. Now web based test like GT Metrix works well being it like any customer coming to the site.
  10. Never mind I figured it out... Here is what I replaced it with and Now I'm done some testing and got the CLS value down to 0.1 or lower on some pages. Also added the centering CSS code to center the ads in the layout. /* GOOGLE AD CODE FOR RESPONSIVE ADS */ #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 320px; height: 150px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } @media (min-width:500px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 480px; height: 300px; } } @media (min-width:800px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 780px; height: 300px; } } @media (min-width:1050px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 1040px; height: 300px; } }
  11. What is the best way to handle Google Adsense CLS? I'm fighting to keep my ads the way they are laid out but the Content Layout Shift is greater than 0.25. How can I give space for the Ads with out making padded space too big for mobile or too small for desktop or just making a mess out of the layout. I did find some google code in the CSS side but it doesn't seem to be working possibly being my layout shift is too high yet. This is under Core > Global > global.css /* GOOGLE AD CODE FOR RESPONSIVE ADS */ #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 320px; height: 100px; } @media (min-width:500px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 468px; height: 60px; } } @media (min-width:1050px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } What do I have to do make this work correctly and reduce the CLS?
  12. Thank you for the comments. The lurking comment was from the fact I guys that call me later on and say yup I've been hanging around reading but I'm not computer savvy but could you help me out getting signed up. So I talk them through that and typically they are a keepers. I've got a huge load of guest looking daily. Slowly but surely they do join up when there problems get bad enough on there vehicle.
  13. Nothing to watch being unpaid members can only read... Everything is visible (for Google reasons) but posting, replying, downloading, etc all locked out till payment for there subscription is paid. Another trick if they are buying parts off my store or I'm doing work on their truck then they automatically get a free subscription to the site as well. Heck I make an hourly rate for my shop why is it any different if I'm giving support in my shop physically one on one in person or one on one over the internet? Now the old donation system that quote would be true. I only had 0.9% of membership pool donating. Then the 99.1% were there leeching out the site, my time, information, etc. Now the site is paying its own bills and starting to see some profit starting to happen. I'm a Cummins diesel tech by trade and I was more or less working for free. No longer... All members wanting support pay the subscription fee. Just my 2 cents to this issue...
  14. I just used the module for guest sign up module and added my message to that module...
  15. I just recently swapped from donation based to subscription based. I allowed all pages to be viewed for free but no posting or comments allowed for non-paying members. The result for me has be a good gain in true traffic and income is much better. I did also post up that I'm privately owned and not a corporate owned like my competition. People do understand this difference and willing to pay for quality information. This was a good bonus for me.
  16. I will admit it has been super huge challenge to gain the good ranking of the core web vitals. I've been pulling out stuff left and right ditch excess graphics, functions, etc. Slowly gaining a bit of ground and Google showed that I just only needed a bit more improvement. Couple days later Google now took all the dekstop pages and marked them as poor again. Really tough to make a perfect score even close being my biggest problem is Google Adsense and the CLS problem. Then one day I could have wonderful timing now its telling me LCP is now too slow at >2.5 seconds again.
  17. (Fly on the wall) I'm going to look into the "preload". (Thanks to all that have been posting). I've been testing with a few different tools. Chrome Browser has its own "Lighthouse Tool" - (3 dots) -> More Tools -> Developer Tools GTMetrix WebPageTest Here is what the chrome tool looks like... If you dig in you can see the waterfall and timing, cache times and expires.
  18. The error is for the "RewriteBase /" is not allowed under WHM. Again I'm sure there is other that have moved over to the apache include files.
  19. I'm trying to do away with .htaccess for the main page stuff. I would like to get the redirect command moved over there. It seem every time I try the rewrite command isn't correct and not allowed. I'm sure someone here could advise on how to convert that over?
  20. I would like to bind to Google Calendars. Yes I've seen the iCalendar feed but that is the wrong direction. I don't want to Google -> Website. I want to send Website to Google. That way Google calendars on my phone will be updated. So what is the URL of the Invision calendar? So, I can import the website calendar to the Google calendar.
  21. Problem resolved... Just to let you know that when you copying the constants.php file don't copy the global-config file instead... Opps...
  22. Too late the site is down and crashed with 500 error code and support ticket started.
  23. I need to know if its possible to dump or delete the entire contents of the "core_output_cache" table? Could I just got to phpmyadmin and tap the "empty" option and wipe out 2.3 GB of "core_output_cache"?
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