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SOLVED: Changing Group Formatting for Group Names

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I am trying to set a certain color for a Group Name. However, in ACP when I click the "Use Color" option -- it lets me change the color but removes the HTML <strong> codes, which I still want. I would like to have the Group Name appear in Bold in a certain color. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Never mind. I was able to get the code put in correctly now and have it fixed!

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5 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

By putting the colour in to the html code...

<span style="color:green"><strong>Group name</strong></span>


That's what's not working.  Any HTML tag is working (h1, strong, u) but no inline CSS is working and it's also not working when I put a class css in custom.css and then give the span a class either.  I was just wondering if I'm missing something.  It doesn't work for group name format and it's not working for custom profile field formatting either. My entry looks identical to what you've posted.

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4 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

The above works for group formatting, guaranteed...


Want more assistance? Post a picture of what you actually have in your group formatting code; also make sure you don't have an app/plugin installed that is also manipulating this.

You cannot believe how stupid I was.  I had a typo and I kept cutting and pasting it without noticing. (Tip: Don't try to fix your new site at 3am).  I copied and pasted your code and it worked.  Thank you very much for answering me, even though this was a total user error.  It's working fine now.  

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