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WYSIWYG EDITOR multilanguage


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If I am not wrong, I remember this multilanguage ability already asked so much time ago, and ips say this will be added for 4.5. But now I don't see the multilanguage available, or I missed something?

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I have 3 languages actived

18 minutes ago, bfarber said:

Most areas of the AdminCP that you supply your own text are translatable. If you are referring to a specific area that isn't, let us know.

We don't implement per-user translating on the front end.


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On 12/20/2020 at 5:17 PM, SeNioR- said:

@kmk I think this sentence only applies to options in ACP when adding a new phrase. There is no such option directly in the widget.

When you editing block go to "Content" tab, on right side you have "Tags" head. Click on Phrases [+].


Thanks, I got it...

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