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SEO issue


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The new version of Lighthouse 6.1.0 considers this link

<a id='elContent'></a>

as a SEO issue and lowers the measurement result. This exists in 4.4.10 and is also available in 4.5.
The only way to overcome this issue that I have applied to my site is

<a onclick id='elContent'></a>

But I'm not sure if this will create another issue on the site.

Please comment from the developer, and my question - what does IPS provide for the improvement of SEO?

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17 minutes ago, bfarber said:

It looks like if the link has a role attribute of any value except space it should pass the audit.


Can you confirm if you change onclick to something like role="navigation" that it also resolves the concern?


<a id='elContent' role="navigation"></a>

resolve issue

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