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Changing Text to Add More Instructions for New Topic Titles

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I'd love to change the "REQUIRED" text at the top, by the title, to say "Please Use Title Case," but when I added that text to the template I found with ipsFieldRow_required it puts the text I added in both places.

How can I get the text to appear in just the top one, by the Title?

Thank you!

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The field 'Title' uses a language string called 'topic_title', so you could edit that language string instead?

Alternatively....there is no language string called 'topic_title_desc' so you could take advantage of that - I've sent you a plugin xml file that literally does only that.

Note: if IPS decided to implement that language string themselves at a later point, you would need to disable the plugin before upgrading to whatever version it is that introduces the language string, otherwise you might end up with an issue during upgrade.

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