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auto complete in forum searches

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Good day, this is my first post in the forums!

I wanted to ask you a question about autocomplete searches. It is great to have that functionality in AdminCP to search for options that would take some time to remember and locate.

I was wondering whether this is something that could be enabled in the forum as well. I see that autocomplete searches are not a possibility when using the forums, it's only available in adminCP.

Is that something that could be done as a plugin? Or something that is planned? I am asking because the forum I will be using has hundreds of channels, and locating specific ones is a bit difficult sometimes. Having the opportunity to search through the forum channels and category names would help so so much!

I was just wondering if that's something that could be done or not, is it possible to create as a custom plugin or in some way or another?

Thanks a lot!



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On 6/12/2020 at 5:24 PM, DawPi said:

It's available already: 


Thanks a lot, it's awesome. One question, can the search be configured to search for forummnames and forum categories? I read it can search roost titles, but what about forum's names? 

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