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4 hours ago, Viacheslav Savateev said:

My license has expired for that particular community so I can't submit the ticket.

The problem occurs on all browsers except yandex browser. Tried to clear cash, doesn't help.

You need to extend product support and also ask a question directly to the developers of well + a major update is coming soon😉

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5 minutes ago, Nigel Moore said:

What kind of error triggers these alerts? 

Could contain: Text, Page, Paper

Unfortunately, it can be anything from HTTPS not configured correctly to the server died while you pushed the button. Without more information or us being able to reproduce it on your community, I can't really provide much more details about the error. However, you can check your browser's console log to see if there is any further information there such as an HTTP status code or other error. That may provide some further direction.

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