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  1. That is, I can only sort by database categories? Is it impossible to do this by fields separately using Ajax? Is it only possible to make a drop-down menu using ntml and add links to categories there, make similar templates for each category and thus implement your idea? Or use javascript to make a separate sorting via data-filter='7.62' 😕
  2. How to filter by additional fields in a template? I cannot understand how to filter by additional fields in the "Featured Records (First page when viewing a database set to show featured articles)" template? Filtering (sorting) is available in the "Categories" template, but I can't do it in the news list ... Prompt or push on the right idea. Thanks in advance.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    War Duty - Call of Zone (Light) - game theme in light colors. Suitable for the Call of Duty gaming community. Pleasant colors, light and dark tones go very well in this theme. ABOUT THEME: added additional tab for footer customization added image loading in forum header For all PSD files MORE INFO: check my profile (support 24/7) support in a separate topic
  4. Hi if you have a hosting lease then go to the folder php-bin-php7xx, there is a file php. ini here is an example content [ISPmgr] date.timezone = 'Europe/Moscow' magic_quotes_gpc = Off mail.log = "/var/www/u0000000/data/mail. log" max_execution_time = 300 max_input_vars = 100000 memory_limit = 1024M pcre.recursion_limit = 14000 post_max_size = 256M realpath_cache_size = 32M session.save_path = "/var/www/u0000000/data/bin-tmp/" upload_max_filesize = 256M display_errors = Off disable_functions = exec,system,passthru,pcntl_exec,popen,proc_open,shell_exec what I highlighted in bold should be added to the php.ini file
  5. membres - grops select a group there on the tab Social, Can view Display name history off
  6. Hi go to the file conf_global and there edit your database username password path to the database as well as the port😊,Addresses in the database must also be changed by finding/replacing them.If you enabled keyCaptcha it can also return this error if the domain was moved and you can still check the php version))
  7. Hi how to add cookies, here is an example at the bottom of the forum?)
  8. OO update, only the name font looks bold😉
  9. you need to write to support
  10. not how, also searched for how to view users anonymously and did not find the translator incorrectly translated
  11. Hi when authorizing, disable anonymity, also uncheck the groups and all the buzz in groups, and I did not find a way to look☹️
  12. Good waiting for when it will be possible to update😉
  13. You need to extend product support and also ask a question directly to the developers of well + a major update is coming soon😉
  14. Hi how to create a table in messages, I can't find the plugin if it exists at all
  15. Here I agree with you that users do not read the rules much, then close the personal account so that they do not spam and on this page you must read the rules. I have rules written so that in category example Windows the only on topic windows and not more if there emerge message and limit respectively can be apply sanctions to this user, either as higher wrote to remove restriction on limit😀
  16. Write the rules, specify that when they exceed the limit and from this time they can not download, at least users will know that the limit is worth it, and will not bother you that the limit is suspended, as a temporary solution, if the developers want to add the time tracking function (timer)😊
  17. Hello if it is possible to add scrolling, when you go down the forum at the bottom of the icon appeared that you could go back to the top, the screenshot added) as an example. thanks for understanding.😊
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