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  1. A few people accidently registered with their email address as their display name. We changed it but others can still view the display name history for those users and see their email address. How can we clear the display name history or disable it from non moderators to see display name history?
  2. NVM, Looks like I can create a template for that page and modify the head via the template
  3. Is there not a way to add custom <script></script> into the head of a Page?
  4. But I can change my groups, I just don't have any other options in primary to switch it to something else so it shows a different group rather than "Administrator" when I post things. Ok, I was able to login with the account I created when installing the forums and was able to change my main accounts group. Thank you for the tip.
  5. As an admin with full permissions I cannot change my primary group. The only option I have is Administrator. I have added Admin as my secondary in hopes it would allow me to change my primary but no success.
  6. There isn't a native way? It would need a plugin?
  7. It is a secondary group. In vbulletin we added a user rank that was tied to the backer usergroup. Then we were able to stack ranks.
  8. We are migrating from vbulletin and in vBulletin we had a backer badge that members that were in the early backers group would show an image below their avatar when they posted. I cannot seem where to do this in Invision.
  9. If we sell a product via IPS4 and we have paypal and cc's enabled. If a user files a dispute or refund with paypal or their CC will the IPS system get updated and notified that a refund was done?
  10. When you say the key processor build in IPS4 doesn't support it do you mean that IPS4 doesn't support updating when a refund or CC dispute is done?
  11. If the user does a CC dispute or refund does this get posted back to the key processor and notify the admins that the key needs to be disabled because of a refund?
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