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Help needed to identify slow scripts

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Any clue what these three scripts doing with such a small size but huge waiting time as oppose to 80+ other scripts?

Which app, module, or function uses them?

Appreciate any clue to optimize this.

Thanks in advance.


root_map = 1.3 KB size - 1.31 seconds wait time.



global_global_core = 8 KB size - 689 ms wait time.



manifest.webmanifest = 831bytes size - 713 ms wait time


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These are loading from cloudflare in your case, if they are slow to load, look to the source, in this case cloudflare for speed issues with loading them. 

However, those are all cached in the browser so they are only loaded once per user, once they are loaded they are served from the browser cache.  

Are you seeing actual speed issues with your site or trying to make speed test sites happy?  

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