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lang_id issues


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Hey all i am having issues with fields in the database not showing as i changed my language. Should the dafualt lang_id be 1


As it seems to show here as 0 or am i missing something?


Things like form names show on the front end but not in the databse unless i go into the forums and click save it then seems to populate the databse with the correct info. (i have now removed the additional langauge i added an donly have one language which is dafualt and UK english.


Is there any way to refresh the database to pull in the field into for the forums, reactions, user filds etc.? Like i say it all shows fine on the front end its the database thats missing this info some how. I can only think from me messing with the languages. 

Annotation 2020-02-12 180330 (1).png

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