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Prevent certain words from being used in a topic title


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Does anyone have a solution for preventing certain words from being used in a topic title? I'd like to keep members from using certain words and/or phrases (similar to censoring in posts), but only in the context of a thread title. Is anyone aware of an existing feature or perhaps add on that would give this functionality?


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8 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

You can use Word Filters to replace a word per another: ACP -> System tab - Posting-> Word Filters.

Send a message if you don’t want to replace and want to disallow the topic to be created if specific words are on its title. I have a plugin. 

It's okay that these words are used in the body of a post, just not the thread title. For example, if a restricted word were 'apple,' then the user would be prompted to remove the word from the title before proceeding, however 'apple' can appear as many times as they'd like in the post body.

I'd love more info on this potential plugin, or if one doesn't exist, how I'd go about developing one.

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