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Conversion from XenForo failed


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Hello everybody,

my goal is to convert my XF2 board to IPB. After buying and installation on a testserver all works fine, but the conversation failed with the message:

The path entered appears to be invalid

The entered path is the following:

/var/www/virtual/domain.de/htdocs/forum/internal_data/attachments  (i.e. for the attachments)

Can someone tell me where is my issue? I tried many possibilities with ending slash, without ending slash, path as http://www.domain.de........

Nothing helps and a conversion is impossible.

Someone a hint for me?



Conversion failed with wrong path.JPG

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Thanks for your respondings to my problem. I'm sure that my paths are correct and I think I will open a ticket in a few days.

After deleting the conversion details from the database it was possible to run the conversion config again. If I enter the correct database prefix (xf_) IP told me, that this isn't the right prefix. I'm sure that it's right.

Could it be a problem, that my new IPB install is positioned after a htaccess protection? Can't imagine that because the database of my live site to convert from is not protected.



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An .htaccess prompt on your Invision installation would not cause the issues you are describing. I would recommend submitting a ticket, but I'd have to assume that the path warning is because the path is genuinely not correct, or perhaps it is not readable by the user Invision Community is running as (i.e. chmod permissions), and the database prefix warning would occur if you choose to convert a feature that you don't have potentially (or you have entered invalid database details somehow). Either way, we'd need to look at your site directly, hence the ticket suggestion.

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